There’s Always Next Year

Written by Colin on April 27, 2010 – 9:07 am

OK, let’s not lie to ourselves.

The Braves suck.

I mean, I know we can’t keep it up. I know we’ll get better. But what I want to do is caution us against mortgaging our future for the chance to “make a run at it this year.” I’m all for improving the team, don’t get me wrong. If you want to trade Melky and Diaz and a prospect that’s blocked by Heyward or McCann for a left fielder that actually has some pop, that’s fine. I don’t think we should throw in the towel and assume McLouth will never come around – because he will be a good solid leadoff hitter for us soon.

But let’s not get hasty like some writers over at the AJC have suggested and trade for a first baseman like Adrian Gonzalez of the Padres (who has one year left on his contract and a 2011 club option). But seriously, holy shit, ever since we traded for Freddie McGriff every time we can sell off prospects for one year of a power first baseman, we’ve taken it. NO MORE! For crying out loud – we could have Elvis Andrus pushing the airheaded Escobar out of a shortstop job – or picking up Chipper’s slack at third and Neftali Feliz rounding out our rotation with three youngster pitchers who can’t be matched ANYWHERE IN BASEBALL and STILL HAVE BEEN TO THE PLAYOFFS ZERO TIMES!! Let’s face it – Mark Teixeira turned into nothing for the Braves, and the Rangers will thank us for years for making that stupid trade.

We have Freddie Freeman waiting in the wings. He just hit his fourth home run the other day. He will be ready soon. Let’s be patient for once and not sell the farm because we want to win just this one season.

I’d rather write this season off and win the next five than blow our load this season and have nothing left in the future. Sheesh! A few series into the season and it’s doom and gloom. I’m upset too but DAMN IT DON’T TRADE AWAY THE FUTURE AGAIN.

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