What Did The Braves Really Do At The Deadline?

Written by Nick Yother on July 31, 2011 – 10:20 pm

Just as quick as the trade deadline approached, it has now passed and the Braves made a splash with the acquisition of Michael Bourn. As you look at the deal, the Braves got a star centerfielder, gold glove defender, and a legitimate leadoff hitter without having to give up any of our “untouchable prospects.” Bourne is probably one of the best if not THE best leadoff guy in the league with speed that helped him lead the league in stolen bases the last 2 years and OBP% which sits around .350. It’s not only the numbers that makes Bourn such a good acquisition. Everything around the league says that he is a hard working/ class act type guy who will provide leadership and outstanding baseball talents.

This will add much needed depth to the lineup which I see looking like this (when or if ever healthy):

1. Michael Bourn
2. Martin Prado
3. Brian McCann
4. Chipper Jones
5. Freddie Freeman
6. Dan Uggla
7. Jason Heyward
8. Alex Gonzalez

This lineup becomes one of frozen bounce house the best in baseball and I believe will perform like it. If Bourn comes in and does what he always has, he will set the table very well for the rest of the lineup. Fredi Gonzalez won’t even be able to mess up this lineup. I know it’s a couple weeks until we see what this ball club can really do but the bright side is that Brian McCann is getting some much needed rest that will help us down the stretch run.  This trade upgrades our team more than Carlos Beltran and HunterPence upgraded their respected teams.

But what else can this trade do for the team?

The Braves have really constructed this team very well. Everyone knows how talented our starting players are from the position players to the pitching staff but what most non-avid Braves fans will miss is how deep this team really is. All year this team has battled injury and struggles to only be picked up by many unsung heroes like David Ross, Eric Hinske, and Brooks Conrad. These guys are really what makes this team so dangerous. You know every time you see one of these guys walk up to the plate they are going to give you a great at bat. Like Bourn, their value goes past the on field statistics. Eric Hinske and David Ross are definite veteran guys who lead their team. From what you read, they are always there to encourage and uplift the team even in the faces of a hard loss. The depth of this team is extremely important to its success. The acquisition of Bourn makes this ball club deeper as well with Nate McLouth becoming the 4th OF.

A couple more trade thoughts.

Current reports seem to indicate as well that Frank Wren still wants to make the ball club even deeper with a right-handed bat to come off the bench or turn into a platoon partner. The challenge will be getting someone of quality now through the waiver wire. This really is the missing piece to the bench as the Braves woes vs. LHP is so dreadful having a guy who can come off the bench and put a spark into the lineup from time to time would be a big boost.

It seems the Braves don’t have the urgency to really go after a relief pitcher for the stretch run which obviously shows their confidence in Anthony Vavaro to hold down the fort until Peter Moylan can return from the disabled list and Arodys Vizcaino to prove if he is ready for the show.

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4 Responses to “What Did The Braves Really Do At The Deadline?”

  1. By James Looney on Aug 1, 2011 | Reply

    Braves should consider trading for a top rated pitcher. To me Derek Lowe is pitching like he is throwing batting practice to the opposing teams. He is getting ot be over the hill.

  2. By Charlton Skipper on Aug 3, 2011 | Reply

    Derek Lowe needs to go! As good as he used to be he is just that bad now. To me, I say cut him loose. He is hurting the ball club. We probably have some good arms at AAA that could help, I mean they can lose as well as Lowe can. Derek dosn't give us a chance to win like he used to.

  3. By Doug Bracey on Aug 3, 2011 | Reply

    I believe there is to much dead weight in the line up with chipper always on the bench or DL. Lowe needs to go also that is an automatic loss ever time he pitchs.Those two have milked the braves long enough, with that money the braves could get players to compete with the philles. Let Lowe go and call Minor up and let him pitch in lowes place

  4. By Charlton Skipper on Aug 4, 2011 | Reply

    I agree with you about D Lowe of course but a healthy Chipper is still an effective player, no not the player he used to be but surrounded by the players they have he is still a pretty dangerous stick in the line up. I think he may hang it up after this year because he has too many nagging injuries. I think Frank Wren is probably looking for that special piece to take Chipper's place whether it be putting Prado at 3rd base permanently and getting an outfielder that can hit ( not Nate McClouth)


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