Rue’s Rants: Girls Playing Dumb

Written by Rue on May 27, 2008 – 9:18 am

The other night, I received some wonderful upgraded tickets (not that 435 is bad, it’s just that 221 is closer). I ended up sitting in front of a group of four who were seemingly on a double date.  The following are phrases that I just couldn’t ignore:

“Is it four balls or four strikes that make an out?”

“Does that guy get fined if he steps outside of the three-sided box?” (in reference to Hubbard and the first base coach box)

“Why doesn’t the grass go all the way to the wall out there in the outfield?”

“I know what ERA stands for, but don’t ask me what that means!”

Alright, ladies, enough is enough. I suppose I can forgive at least 2 of those, and I’m only forgiving them because they might be legitimate questions if you’ve either never played the sport in your life, or you’ve never been to a baseball game.  I think the part that really got me was that I’m fairly certain that these girls were only playing dumb to make their suitors feel a little more useful.  I know that everyone likes to feel like the expert on a subject matter and likes to be the more knowledgeable one who can teach, but these guys had to feel like they should be employed by SportSouth and doing color commentary with the amount of information they had in relation to their dates.  How in the world do you not know how many strikes there are in an out? There’s a song about it (and they sang the song during the 7th inning stretch)!

At the time, I was sitting with the most well-read and opinionated baseball fanatic that I know – and I know quite a few.  He and I listened to the guys talk about baseball to these gals as if they knew it all, and a few times I think both my expert and I just looked at each other and knowingly shook our heads.  I don’t think that at any point in time does a girl need to dumb herself down to make a guy feel better about himself. Why would you? I can understand not having an interest in the sport, but I cannot understand legitimately feigning unintelligence to make a man feel better about himself.

Then again, I’m the single one….

Rue and Ruben Gotay at Baseball 101Come on, ladies, don’t make us all look bad. Be proud of what you know. And realize that once in a while, you can show your date that you’re the one who knows her stuff. Some of the biggest baseball fans that I know are women (Susan, for example, who yells at me every time I bash Kelly Johnson). I also met about 100 others at Baseball 101 who could out-talk me any day, and I do daily research. Don’t underestimate the baseball knowledge of a pretty little lady, guys.

Next time I’m sitting in front of extremely ignorant women, I’m either going to have to move before my last nerve is hit, or I’m going to do a little bit of education myself.  And girls wonder why it’s so hard to get some respect in the sports world…

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Rue’s Rants – The Andruw Counter

Written by Rue on May 16, 2008 – 10:39 am

I hate our “Andruw Would Have Gotten That” counter.

This counter is crap for more than one reason, but I actually get aggitated every time I see it. At first I thought it was a great idea to have this counter since we thought we’d sorely miss Mr. Jones in the lineup. I can’t say, though, that I’m sorry to see him gone.  For starters, Mark Kotsay is fielding amazingly.  The counter says three, I say MAYBE one, and more accurately if it was called the “Young-Skinny-Athletic-Andruw Would Have Gotten That” counter.  Andruw Jones can hardly carry his 8-month-pregnant belly up a flight of stairs these days, let alone run down some of the stellar hits that Kotsay has gloved.  During the first few games, my boys kept yelling over “write one up for the Andruw counter” on impossible plays.  Andruw thought he was Superman, and still does, but I’ll guarantee you he wasn’t making those catches either way.  The first think we needed to do was be realistic with Kotsay, not sell him short for being less than super human.

Secondly, Kotsay is a much better addition to the batting lineup. Do YOU miss the current Andruw Jones in the lineup? His batting average is worse than Corky Miller’s! The only time a 0.091 is worth $18 million is when it’s an ERA.  Kotsay is hitting like crazy right now. Should we trade that in and wish that Andruw was still here?

Finally, welcome to Atlanta, Mark Kotsay. I think my boys were a little too sad to see the big-man with all of his silver cars hit the road to LA. The cocky man fits in better in LA with his attitude and lack of Southern Hospitality. Mark Kotsay is playing fabulously, is a veteran, has lots of skill and ability, and is the absolute best fit for our team. I’m glad he was chosen over Josh Anderson for the spot. Kotsay is our man, I hope to see him stay here.

So good riddance, Mr. Jones. I’m glad to have you here, Mark. Thanks for making us proud.

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