Jurrjens’ Resurgent In Braves’ Win

Written by Colin on July 1, 2010 – 7:28 am

Jair Jurrjens returned to the Atlanta Braves’ rotation yesterday rested and ready to do battle against the Washington Nationals. In five-plus innings, Jurrjens struck out six and allowed one run (thanks to the relief work of Peter Moylan) and knocked in the go-ahead run as the Braves took the rubber game of the series and won 4-1.

Jurrjens’ admitted to being nervous before the start after two months on the Disabled List because of a hamstring injury, but showed none of it on the mound. His fake bunt and slash RBI single to left field almost took out Ryan Zimmerman on its way to left field.

As our own Kent Covington has pointed out, Jurrjens’ hamstring injury was a blessing in disguise. In Spring Training, Jurrjens battled an inflamed shoulder and elbow. The two months on the bench gave his shoulder and elbow time to recover that simply wasn’t happening before the injury, when his fastballs were routinely in the high 80s. Last night, Jurrjens’ fastball was what Kent calls “resting” in the low 90s – indicating Jurrjens is likely not experiencing the arm issues he was before his DL stint. The other hidden blessing of Jurrjens’ injury was of course the rise of Kris Medlen as the best 5th starter candidate on the team.

If Jurrjens can stay healthy the rest of the season and be as effective as he was last night, his return from the DL will become the equivalent of pulling off a blockbuster trade for another ace. Jurrjens is probably our number two or three pitcher in this rotation, and with his return, our rotation is stronger than it was with Kawakami in Jurrjens’ spot.

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Atlanta Braves, Tim Hudson Tackle Stephen Strasburg 5-0

Written by Colin on June 29, 2010 – 7:01 am

The hype surrounding the Washington Nationals phenom pitcher Stephen Strasburg is absolutely insane – and most of it is earned. But he’s hittable, and beatable.

The bottom line yesterday was Tim Hudson. Through seven innings of ball, Hudson struck out six, picked off one, walked three, and gave up a total of five hits. His extremely effective sinking two-seamer led to twelve groundouts – and only one fly out. Hudson showed that he’s back in ace form last night – as the nation watched expecting such a performance from the opposing pitcher.

Strasburg was almost as good. Through six innings he held the Braves’ offense scoreless. Nats manager Jim Riggleman almost pinch-hit for Strasburg when his spot in the order came up in the bottom of the sixth (someone came out on deck for Strasburg but was pulled back) and Strasburg came back out to pitch the seventh inning. Right now I’ll bet he wishes he hadn’t. Following a leadoff walk to Chipper (his 46th of the season), the Braves loaded the bases with no outs (thanks to an error) and tattooed WonderBoy for four runs (three earned). They then tacked on another unearned run.

Hustler of the night: Gregor Blanco, who surprised everybody with a bunt down the first base line that the pitcher couldn’t field cleanly for an RBI comes in second to Tim Hudson, who was absolutely ace-like last night.

Slacker of the evening: In the first inning, Melky Cabrera roped a double to left. Chipper then knocked a fly ball to deep left and Melky got caught somewhere between second and third. Had he tagged up, he could have scored when McCann singled to left. Instead, Melky’s slow self got caught trying to score from second to end the inning.

Strasburg Effect: 9601 walkup tickets were sold yesterday and a total of 21,608 tickets were sold since Strasburg’s previous start. The Braves’ franchise thanks Strasburg for coming to Atlanta, selling tickets, and then giving up the loss to improve the Bravos’ home record to 27-8.

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Braves Up Next On The Stephen Strasburg Show

Written by Jonathan on June 28, 2010 – 9:00 am

The Washington Nationals come into Atlanta tonight leading the season series over the Braves 2-1 and the most anticipated game of the upcoming series is the kickoff match this evening when rookie pitching phenom Stephen Strasburg takes the mound against Tim Hudson.  Strasburg is 4 starts into his major league career and comes to Atlanta with a 2-1 record (his loss was a 1-0 matchup his last time out).  In those 4 starts he has struck out 41 batters and allowed more than 1 earned run in a game only one time (his first outing he gave up 2 earned) and has an ERA of 1.78.

Tim Hudson’s coming off of one of his worst outings of the season where he gave up 4 earned runs in 7 innings of work to the White Sox.  Hudson is 7-3 on the season and averaging 6 2/3 innings of work per outing and has a 2.54 ERA.  He has struck out 45 and walked 37.

Strasburg isn’t unhittable; the Braves offense will just have to get going.  He’s issued 19 hits in his 4 starts this season (9 of which were in his last outing against the Royals) and has walked 5 (all in the same start).  The key to winning tonight for the Braves is to not get behind the 8-ball by not allowing the Nationals to create an insurmountable early run lead.

Just as a sidebar, and I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty sick of all the “future Hall of Famer”, blah, blah, blah, etc, etc talk going on every time anyone mentions Strasburg’s name in the news.  He’s pitched 4 games, people!  Yes, he’s good, I’m not denying that at all.  He was 13-1 his last season of college, he was 7-2 in the minors and he’s 2-1 so far this season.  Those numbers speak for themselves, but for someone that has been in the majors for all of 20 days, I think it’s a little early to say he has a Hall of Fame career in progress.

This isn’t just how I feel because we’re going against the Nationals and they are in the Braves division.  I’ve said the same thing about Jason Heyward this season.  Let the kids go out there, play baseball and worry about if they had Hall of Fame careers in another 20 years or so.  That’s what this game’s all about……..well that, and beating the Nationals.  Go Braves!

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Jurrjens Looks For Redemption

Written by Jonathan on April 22, 2009 – 6:06 pm

Jair Jurrjens finally found his stride against the Pirates Friday night.  After struggling with control for his first two starts of the season, Jurrjens threw a great outing, going 6 2/3 innings and only giving up one run.  Unfortunately for Jair, the Braves failed to put a run on the board and he was stuck with the loss.  Jurrjens comes into tonight’s game with a 2-1 record and a 2.04 ERA.  He will face off against a struggling John Lannan, who has posted an 0-2 record with a 6.46 ERA so far this season.

The Braves are looking for a much needed win tonight after dropping two straight to the Washington Nationals and 7 of their last 8 games.  Stay with us for in game updates.

Braves: 1 Nationals: 0

Bot 9th: Soriano in to close. Dukes strikes out. Willingham pops out to left. Belliard strikes out. Braves win, 1-0. Tough break for Jurrjens however.
Top 9th: Diaz singles with one-out. Kotchman hits into a fielder’s choice. Schafer walks. Infante in to run for Kotchman. Hinckley on to pitch. Prado walks. Kelly Johnson draws a bases loaded walk. 1-0 Braves. Julian Tavarez strikes Escobar out on 3 pitches.
Bot 8th: Zimmerman draws a two-out walk and Jurrjens is done. That’s 14 1/3 straight innings of work for him without one run of support from the offense. Gonzalez on to pitch. Strikeout to Adam Dunn. No decision for Jurrjens.
Top 8th: Garrett Mock in to pitch for the Nats. 1-2-3 for the Braves in the inning.
Bot 7th: Willingham doubles to lead off the inning. Sac bunt moves him to third. Two solid outs by the defense saves a run.
Top 7th: 0-0 game at the stretch. Second start in a row for Jurrjens to pitch a great game and just not getting the offensive backing.
Bot 6th: One LOB for the Nats. No runs.
Top 6th: Braves put a runner on base but no scoring. No run support for Jurrjens again.
Bot 5th: Dukes singles to center to lead off the inning. Nats put two on base but a double play ends the inning.
Top 5th: Top of the Braves lineup down 1-2-3.
Bot 4th: Zimmerman leads of the inning with a double down the left field line. Dunn grounds out and moves Zimmerman to third. Defense manages to keep the run from scoring.
Top 4th: Leadoff single for Brian McCann. Francoeur hits into a fielder’s choice. Kotchman with a two-out double into left. Francoeur to third. Intentional walk to Schafer to load the bases. Jurrjens strikes out to end the threat.
Bot 3rd: Jurrjens responds with a 6-pitch 1-2-3 inning of his own.
Top 3rd: 1-2-3 inning for John Lannan.
Bot 2nd: Dukes strikes out looking. Willingham walks. Belliard grounds into a fielder’s choice and advances to second on a throwing error by Yunel. Stranded there however.
Top 2nd: Leadoff single for Jeff Francoeur. Kotchman draws a one-out walk. Schafer comes a foot short of a home run, but moves Francoeur over to third. Jurrjens grounds out to third. Once again, we need to plate leadoff base runners.
Bot 1st: Nick Johnson with a one-out single. A couple of easy outs and Jurrjens is out of the inning.
Top 1st: Kelly Johnson leads off the game with a single. Yunel grounds out, but advances KJ to second. Chipper strikes out looking. Slow grounder downs McCann. No production from the leadoff hit.

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Mac Is Back For Game Vs. Nats

Written by Jonathan on April 21, 2009 – 5:52 pm

After missing two games with blurred vision in his left eye, Brian McCann has been tentatively written into the linup for tonight’s game against the Washington Nationals.  Mac has been suffering from the blurred vision issues over the past two weeks and had tried a series of options including a contact lens and an antibiotic ointment.  These caused an increase in the blurred vision and the absence from the past two games.

After a visit to an eye doctor this morning in Washington, McCann has been prescribed a new contact lens that has corrected the issues for the most part.  Before taking batting practice today, he said he felt great and would be ready to go.  Bobby Cox, always cautious, has a lineup ready without McCann as well and said a lot would depend on how he looked while taking batting practice today.

Kenshin Kawakami takes the mound for the Braves today, facing off against Shairon Martis, who has been credited for one of the Nationals’ two wins on the season.  After dropping the first game of the series last night, the Braves need to get back into the win column tonight.

Braves: 3 Nationals: 4

Top 9th: Hanrahan on to close for the Nats. Diaz draws a 4-pitch, leadoff walk. Schafer doubles down the right field line. Diaz to third. No outs, runners at second and third and the Braves can’t plate a run. This is pathetic. Nats win, 4-3.
Bot 8th: Gonzo on to pitch. Gets a strikeout to start the inning and then a walk. Gonzalez steals second and McCann throws the ball into center; Gonzalez to third. Yunel picks up a sharp grounder and throws Gonzalez out at home.
Top 8th: Chipper singles to lead off the inning. McCann lines out sharply to second. Kotchman flies out to center. Francoeur grounds out to third. Down to our last three outs.
Bot 7th: Peter Moylan on to pitch for the Braves. Gives up a walk, but no hits or damage.
Top 7th: Hinckley on to pitch for the Nats. Prado singles to lead off the inning. Johnson bunts him over to second. Yunel strikes out. Prado thrown out stealing third.
Bot 6th: Adam Dunn with a solo homer to center. 3-2 Braves. Dukes reaches on an error by Chipper. Kearns triples under the glove of Diaz. 3-3 Game. Bennett on to replace Kawakami. Bennett retires two, but Willingham singles to left. 4-3 Nationals. Johnson strikes out to end the inning. Really unfortunate for Kawakami to be on the hook for the loss now.
Top 6th: Schafer doubles with two outs but is thrown out on his way back to second after taking too large of a turn.
Bot 5th: Nick Johnson singles with one out. Great double play to end the inning. 5 pitches for Kawakami.
Top 5th: Escobar with a one-out single. Chipper grounds into a fielder’s choice. McCann walks. Can’t get a run across though.
Bot 4th: Kawakami issues two one-out walks. Groundout and a strikeout to avoid any more runs.
Top 4th: Kotchman singles to lead off the inning. Francoeur gets Kotchman over to second. Diaz grounds out to third. Kawakami strikes out looking to end the inning.
Bot 3rd: 1-2-3 inning for Kawakami. Great sliding catch for Diaz to end the inning.
Top 3rd: Chipper sends a one-out single up the middle. McCann grounds into a double play.
Bot 2nd: Dukes with a leadoff double. Thrown out by a great throw from McCann trying to steal third. Kearns walks and scores on a double off the fence for Flores. 3-1 Braves. Gonzales with an infield single. Martis strikes out trying to bunt. Kawakami takes care of a little chopper to avoid further damage.
Top 2nd: Braves down 1-2-3.
Bot 1st: Zimmerman hits a two-out double, but no further damage.
Top 1st: Two out walks for Chipper and McCann. Kotchman drives one to right center. Chipper scores 1-0 Braves. Infield hit for Francoeur and an error allows two runs to score. 3-0 Braves.

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Braves at Nationals, Game 1

Written by Jonathan on April 20, 2009 – 5:37 pm

Derek Lowe takes on the Nationals tonight as their #1 prospect Jordan Zimmermann takes the mound in his major league debut. The Braves have lost six in a row in Washington and need a series win after losing five of their last six this season. The Nationals have done some roster shuffling recently after a dismal 1-10 start to the season – so Braves fans, remember it could always be worse.

Brian McCann is out of the lineup tonight as he’s still experiencing some eye dryness. He may need lasik surgery before he can return – hopefully that’s not the case. Either way, good thing Dave Ross got healthy just in time for this. Fortunately Chipper should play tonight – the Braves are a much better team when opposing pitchers have to think about pitching around him.

The Braves need to step it up and take at least 2 out of 3 from the Nationals. They’re an easy team to take it from – and we need to be back on track soon so we don’t fall behind early in the season. Hopefully our bullpen is less sucky without Blaine Boyer.

Braves: 2 Nationals: 3

Top 9th: Kotchman walks and the Braves can do nothing with him. Nats win 3-2.
Bot 8th: Rafael Soriano on th pitch. Dunn doubles to lead off the inning. Willingham hit by a pitch. Soriano strikes out two to get out of a bases loaded jam.
Top 8th: Two outs in the half inning….rain delay. One pitch for the third out.
Bot 7th: Rain’s coming down again. Eric O’Flaherty on to pitch for the Braves. 1-2-3 inning for the bullpen. That’s refreshing.
Top 7th: Kip Wells on to pitch for the Nats. Schafer draws a two-out walk but doesn’t advance.
Bot 6th: Dukes with a one-out single. Willingham singles past Chipper. Dukes to third. Flores singles past short. 3-2 Nationals.
Top 6th: Quick 1-2-3 inning for Zimmermann.
Bot 5th: Hernandez walks. Johnson singles past short. Two on with one out. Zimmerman grounds into a double play to end the inning.
Top 5th: Ross walks to lead off the inning. Lowe pops up the bunt again and gets Ross and himself out on the double play.
Bot 4th: Johnson walks to lead off the inning. Zimmerman singles to right. Dunn with a sac fly to the track moves the runners up. Dukes singles to right. Johnson scores. 2-1 Braves. Dukes steals second and intentional pass to Willingham to load the bases. Flores sac fly. 2-2 Game.
Top 4th: Chipper triples down the right field line to lead off the inning. Kotchman pops out to short. Francoeur grounds out to second. Diaz turns on one for a two-run homer to left center. 2-0 Braves.
Bot 3rd: Rain’s starting to fall again. Flores singles to lead off. No further damage though.
Top 3rd: David Ross with a leadoff single. Sacrifice by Lowe fails and Lowe’s at first. Johnson singles to right. Double play ends the inning however. Nothing on the board.
Bot 2nd: Lowe gets his second strikeout of the evening while notching another 1-2-3 inning.
Top 2nd: Kotchman leads off with a double but is thrown out trying to take third on a passed ball. Francoeur strikes out but Diaz doubles to center. Left there by a Schafer flyout. Should have gotten a run out of that had Kotchman not caught the tough break.
Bot 1st: Lowe responds with 1-2-3 inning of his own.
Top 1st: Braves down 1-2-3 on 7 pitches.

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Glavine Improving, Showing Interest In Nats

Written by Jonathan on January 25, 2009 – 11:37 pm

Continuing the rehab on his surgically repaired left shoulder and elbow, Tom Glavine pitched from a mound for the second time this past Tuesday. The first session came two Friday’s ago where Glavine threw 15 fastballs and reported no discomfort. In Tuesday’s session, he threw 30 pitches, combining fast balls and changeups. Once again, Glavine reported no discomfort in the elbow or shoulder. He is slated to meet with Dr. Andrews in Birmingham this coming Wednesday for a routine checkup to monitor the progress on the repaired flexor tendon in his left elbow.

The biggest thing for Tom in his recovery right now is to not overdo anything.  Pushing too hard to be ready in time for Spring Training if his arm is just not up to it would be the biggest setback for him.  Glavine has repeatedly said that this is the best his arm has felt in years and is making a concious effort to do his recovery properly and not become overly excited with each mound session.  At the rate he is progressing, Glavine is fairly certain that he’ll be ready in time for the regular season however.

While Glavine’s main focus right now is being able to pitch again in the 2009 season, there is still the fact that he remains a free agent for the upcoming season.  He has indicated that he’d love to stay and pitch for the Braves, but realizes that this may not be a possibility.  Glavine has said that he has thought through multiple possibilities and knows that financially, the Braves just may not have the ability to sign him this season.  Right now however, he continues to just go out there and prove that he’ll be ready to go once the season gets under way.

If things with the Braves don’t work out, Glavine has expressed some interest in pitching for the Nationals because of his close relationship with team president, Stan Kasten, who was in the Braves organization together with Glavine from 1987 to 2002.  As of now, the Nationals have not contacted Glavine’s agent, as they are focused on acquiring young players for the long term.  Should they choose to bring him on board, Glavine would likely serve in the mentoring role for the team’s young pitchers.

So the question is, do the Braves bring back Glavine or not?  We have no lefties in the rotation right now (aside from Jo-Jo Reyes potentially grabbing the 5th spot) so is this a role that Glavine gets the nod to fill or is it time for the Braves and Glavine to go their separate ways once again?

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A Game Thread?

Written by Jonathan on July 20, 2008 – 1:32 pm

So we haven’t had a game thread in a long while.  Blame jobs, blame lack of time, blame apathy, but no matter what, they’re back.  As promised, we’re bringing back the game threads after the All-Star break.  The Braves are closing out a 3-game series against the Nationals this afternoon and looking for a series win.

Jo-Jo Reyes is taking the mound today and hopefully can get a win.  Jo-Jo has been plagued by a lack of run support so far this season and as a result, only has 3 wins.  Hopefully the bats can get active today and help him out for once.

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NL East Review: Nationals

Written by Akshay on July 1, 2008 – 2:22 pm

So, here we are at the halfway point of the season. About the time when you can almost judge what will happen down the stretch (no one could have seen the Mets major collapse this early last year, but there will be random cases). If the season ended after 81 games, the Phillies, Cubs, Diamondbacks and Cardinals (wildcard, WC) would be off to the playoffs in the National League. The Rays, White Sox, Angels and Boston (WC) would be the teams in the American League. Yes, the first name on the AL side was the Rays and in Tampa Bay, formerly the Devil Rays. The team has a great nucleus of young players, young pitchers and veterans. Almost reminiscent of some of the early Braves teams of the ‘90s…but not quite.But I’m not really here to talk about the AL; I wanted to talk about the NL East this week, starting from the bottom up. So today we’ll talk about everyone’s favorite bottom feeder: The Washington Nationals. Remember in 2005 when they were the only team with 50 wins by the all-star break? Well, they were living on the edge much like last season’s Diamondbacks and winning a lot of one run games with Cordero as their designated closer. Of course, all the Braves did was calmly go to Washington in the first series after the all-star break to take the lead in the division and never looked back. The Nats ended up finishing last at 81-81 (the NL East was the only division without a losing record that year) and haven’t really seen much more than the bottom of the division.

Since that time, former manager and hall-of-famer Frank Robinson retired and Manny Acta took over. Guys like Ryan Zimmerman, Lastings Milledge and Cristian Guzman have been the go-to guys on that team. Not saying much? Seriously, those are probably their best hitters. This season, Zimmerman leads the team with eight home runs, Milledge leads the team with just 32 RBIs and Guzman leads the team with a .314 (respectable) average and 48 runs scored at the top of the order.

To see how they fare against other teams, you pretty much have to scroll all the way down to the bottom of the NL in the stats page to find them. They rank dead last in:

  • Runs scored (305, Braves are seventh with 375).
  • Hits (675, Braves are third with 769).
  • Total bases (1014, Braves are sixth with 1193).
  • RBI (285, Braves are sixth at 359).
  • Batting Average (.239, Braves are third at .270).
  • OPS (.673, Braves are fourth at .765).

Obviously, that’s the result of not winning a lot of games and not getting any production out of guys they would have thought were guys that would give them a lot. Austin Kearns (.187, 42 games) and Felipe Lopez (.242, .318 OBP, 72 games) are hitting well below their averages in Cincinnati and has been the status quo for what the Nats are going through. Guzman is, in fact, the only guy with respectable stats on the entire offense. He is hitting .314 with a .776 OPS and 24 doubles in 82 games.

Sadly, the pitching stats do not get much better with this team. They rank 14 in ERA (4.55, Braves are tops with a 3.69 team ERA), 11 in the NL in walks (308, Braves are ninth with 287) and 14 in batting average against (.288, Braves are again tops with a .246).

So what will the Nats have to do to get better? This team looks so similar to our teams of the ‘80s that there are no quick fixes. The fans and the players will have to ride it out until they can get some solid young talent in, enough to fill up their minor league system and who knows, maybe one year it will just click and send them to the top of the division.

This year, there’s probably little to no chance of them making a run. The Nats currently sit at 33-51. They have shown little to no efforts to get better and are not getting healthier. Chad Cordero was placed on the disabled list today and was never fully healthy this season. Because of this, I doubt the Nats will win that many more games than they won in the first half.

Prediction: 63 – 99, 5 in NL East.



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NL East: The Big Picture

Written by Colin on May 25, 2008 – 10:01 am

Here’s the big picture in the NL East right now:

Florida Marlins: Can they hold it together? Nobody expected to see these guys in first this far into the season.  I think even the Marlins are surprised.  That hasn’t kept them from acting like they belong in first.  Anchored offensively by Uggla, Hermida, and Ramirez, the Marlins have come out to score this year – currently ranked 10th in the league with runs scored.  The rotation has been solid as well – only six different pitchers have started games this year.  The Marlins recently picked up Jacque Jones to shore up their outfield after he was released by the Tigers.  But if the Tigers can afford to release him, will he help?  The biggest question remains: can the Marlins keep it up?

Atlanta Braves: Sure, the Braves can win at home, but they have to be able to win on the road or nothing will come of it. The Braves have a rock solid offense led by the mighty Chipper Jones, but they’ve had some injury issues on their pitching staff – Smoltz is moving to the bullpen, Rafael Soriano has spent significant time on the DL, but they’ll get those two plus Mike Gonzalez back from the DL here soon. The question – will they trade for another starter? Not if Jorge Campillo can keep up his Greg Maddux impression (and get rid of some pesky blisters).

Philadelphia Phillies:  The Phillies are shadowing the Braves as they both stalk the Marlins.  Their offense has been good but hasn’t been firing on all cylinders for more than a game or two at a time, and past Cole Hamels their other starters have ERAs at or above 4.37.  Brett Myers has dropped his last four starts, and Adam Eaton is still winless.  If the Phillies’ starters can get their acts together, this is a much more dangerous team – already they’re fourth in the NL with 26 quality starts – but they have potential for much more.  On the other hand, their bullpen has been great – lowing the team ERA to a 5th best 3.98.  The Phillies could come together to be a very dangerous team.

New York Mets: The Mets’ manager Willie Randolph is under fire for his team’s poor play. And the Mets have had poor play as of late. They’re now in fourth place struggling to beat decent teams. The team is oft-injured. Ryan Church likes concussions, Moises Alou caught Mike Hampton syndrome, and Marlon Anderson pulled up lame. And that’s just the last series in Atlanta. Pedro comes back soon, but will he really help? Johan Santana hasn’t been the savior he was billed as, either. This team has got to start playing ball if they want to hang it at the top of the division.

Washington Nationals:  The Nationals are just chilling out in the NL East basement, 7.5 games out of first with a .420 winning percentage.  Their offense is one of the worst in the NL, ranking third to last in runs scored, second to last in OBP and OPS, and last in batting average, slugging percentage, and stolen bases.  Their pitching staff is better, but not by much, ranked 12/16 in ERA and 13/16 in Batting Average Against.  This is likely something we see continued for most of the season.

What do you see happening?  Can the Marlins hold it together?  Will the Braves start winning on the road?  Can the Phillies fire on all cylinders?  Are the Mets and Willie Randolph doomed to oblivion?

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Jurrjens Attempts To End Slide

Written by Jonathan on April 30, 2008 – 4:11 pm

The Braves are on a three-game losing streak and are looking to Jair Jurrjens to help end the road trip on a high note this afternoon against the Nationals.  Jurrjens (3-2, 3.45) has been the most consistent hurler in a rotation that has been severely plagued by injuries already this season.  There’s no reason to doubt why the Braves have high hopes for him in the future of the pitching staff.

The Braves have given the Nationals 4 of their 10 wins thus far this season.  As I said yesterday, they always seem to have our number no matter how each team is doing.  Hopefully today, with Chipper and Yunel settled back into the lineup, we can get the offense going and put some strong numbers on the board.

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Nationals Park…..Again….

Written by Jonathan on April 29, 2008 – 6:40 pm

How is it that, in April, we are already making our third trip to Nationals Park and have only played 4 away games against them so far?  Either way, we’re back in Washington for a two-game series to close out the month against the Nationals.  The Braves are fighting a slew of injuries, but key performers Chipper Jones and Yunel Escobar are back in the lineup tonight, which is good to see for all of the fans.

Tom Glavine’s taking the mound for the Braves tonight in his first start off of the disabled list.  Tommy is admittedly rusty after not pitching with his strained hamstring over the past couple of weeks.  Hopefully he still looks good enough to tame Tim Redding tonight.  Redding has more wins personally than the rest of the Nationals’ starting rotation.

I’m hoping for a good two-game series for the Braves, but the Nationals always seem to have our number no matter how well we’re doing.  It’s time to break that streak and get back in the win column.

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